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7/12/2022 beginings of a peice


6/13/2022 Poems iv wrote over the past few weeks

If I love you more than I love sustenance

Would I still eat you


I first saw you in my dreams 3 years ago..

You told me things about this world that I can't put back into words..

I dreamt of you again this year and shortly after that I saw you walk close to me in the real world..

Is there a link between this world and the world I see when I sleep?

I have become infatuated with you, I think we are meant to be lovers but I can't seem to bring myself to tell you..

So I write this poem for you.

Maybe I'll read it to you soon..

if not I can tell it to you in your dreams..


3/27/2022 duo art piece

during a short vacation i went on recently me and my brother took turns drawing on a piece of paper and this was the result.. i was suprised to see how well his style meshes with mine, obviously me being his older brother my art style has influenced his, that being said i was still quite suprised how good it looks when we make art on the same piece of paper. it almost looks like only one person drew this honestly. we drew this out in the alvord desert salt flats in eastern oregon while we waited for the sunset. the sunset was very beautiful if you were wondering. if youd like to see it in the comfort of your home you can check out the pictures i took in the photograpy page.